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Scope Of HM

The hospitality industry includes many career paths and options for those who enjoy interacting with people and providing them with the support they need. One of these options is a career in hotel management, which involves operating and overseeing a hotel location.If you are considering this option for your career, it is helpful to understand more about what to expect when working in the role. In this article, we discuss hotel management as a career, how it differs from hospitality management and how you can build the skills you need to become successful in this field.

The role of the hotel industry stems from a long history of development in the field of hospitality provision. In many countries, hotels have evolved as extensions of domestic hospitality, Today, there is no defined hotel. Hotels which exist range from small sized boutique hotel of fewer than 20 rooms to magnificent towering buildings catering to thousands of guests at any one time. The scope of the industry is also enormous. When we consider consumer trends and global markets, we know that in the hotel industry net revenue is the region of $550bn USD annually and is only expected to continue to grow beyond this.

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