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Management is the science of managing resources, including financial, natural, technological and human resources. After completion of this course, graduates can work as a Business Development Manager, Operations Manager, Operations Manager, Business Application Manager, and Business Analyst.
The scope of management outlines the management steps that a company requires to control work processes, complete projects and deliver products or services. The management steps can include planning and carrying out the project tasks, goals and deliverables. It also usually covers assigning deadlines, milestones and project team members.

Computer science future is dynamic, with technological advancements being made each day. The field has seen impressive progress over the last few decades, and no way it shows signs of slowing down. With continuously growing data flow, the need for computing expertise is expected to become even more prominent in the future, expanding the scope and impact of computer science beyond anything we can imagine. As we look ahead, we can imagine a future where computer science revolutionizes our lives with advanced devices and technologies, shaping every aspect of our world. With that being said, let's explore the Computer science future, its scope and role in shaping our tomorrow.

The word “humanities” comes from the Latin word “humanitas”, which means “human nature” or “human quality”. In ancient times, humanities were the subjects that were considered essential for a free and educated person to learn, such as grammar, rhetoric, poetry, and history. These were contrasted with the subjects that were useful for practical purposes, such as law, medicine, and engineering. Today, the humanities meaning has expanded to include not only the classical subjects, but also the modern and contemporary subjects that deal with the cultural and social aspects of human life, such as sociology, anthropology, media studies, and gender studies. Humanities stream is interdisciplinary, meaning that it encourages students to explore the connections and interactions between different fields of knowledge.

Law serves many purposes and functions. It helps to maintain peace. Violence should not be allowed in the society and thus, peace is maintained by the orders or we can say the laws of the government. Law also helps to establish standards. It also protects rights of the people. Without laws, people will not even get the basic rights which they deserve. Also, law can be called as a good career option. From Mahatma Gandhi to Barack Obama, all are associated with the career of law. It acted as a stepping stone to their success. There are various career options in law like litigation, civil services, professors or one can go in the corporate sector.

BBS is one of the most popular accredited graduate programs that will help candidates leverage the benefits of highly attractive career opportunities. Since the demand for management is rapidly increasing in the world, pursuing a graduate program in this specific subject will make you more employable. When you choose a BBS degree, you will have numerous opportunities to boost your skills. As a result, you can increase the weightage of your resume. Additionally, completing a BBS degree from one of the most reputed universities in the world will make you more attractive to employers.

A Bachelor of Arts is a college or university degree available in various subjects. Each program covers standard general education requirements on liberal arts and humanities topics and then allows you to major in a particular specialization of your choice. The term ‘arts’ can be misleading because, in reality, you can earn a BA degree in a wide range of subjects beyond what you might consider art. A BA can prepare you for a career in business, marketing, or health care management, for example. A BSW degree can lead to a career in social work, which offers the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in people's lives. Social workers help individuals and communities in need, work to promote social justice and advocate for policy changes that can positively impact society.

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About Richmond International College

Established in 1989 AD, Richmond International College / Richmond Academy is run by a group of experienced, enthusiastic and dedcated Lecturers / teachers, is an English medium College / School.Richmond is an institution which is promoted by a team of well experienced academician researcher, entrepreneurs and professionals with a mission to produce creative & critical minds who can face the multifarious challenges in partial life in an ever increasingly complex & competitive world.










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   Sholarship For Deserving Students
  • We provide scholarship for deserving students.Those who are good in studies,sports,music and those who are from marginallized group.

  •    Focus On Overall Growth
  • We focus on overall growth of student.We provide students with all the necessary tools to excel in their respective fields.

  •    Extra Curricular Activites
  • ECA hepls student grow mentally and physically and we at RIC understand that very well so we inspire students to be involved in ECA.

  •    Additional Trainings
  • We Provide Trainings like Web Designing,Graphics Designing And Office Handling.Pulic Speaking,Managerial Skills and many more.

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    Richmond International College has been one of the best institution for accquiring knowledge regardless the faculty you choose.We Have Best In class teaching faculty and with the use of modern tools and technology we make learning experience fun.





    Scope Of HM

    •   3Pm
    •   Raj Thapa



    Quantum Computer

    •   7Am
    •   Pratik Ghimire



    Human Rights

    •   1Pm
    •   Samjhana Raut



    Education Law

    •   10Am
    •   Ram Sharma


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